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This site was created so everyone that ever enjoyed a show to the point of calling himself a fan has a place to discuss it, be creative about it, share information and discover other shows and fans of interest.


Love and passion for Joss Whedon shows (so far Angel, Buffy, and Firefly) guided the establishment of this site. His wit, his commitment, his dedication to quality, honesty, righteousness, and integrity generate amazing products (yes his big screen directorial debut with Serenity only proved this further) that inspire the best in fans, and the viewers in general.

The online community, in all its cheerfulness makes the wait for any new work a pleasure, and this site wants to show our appreciation for his skills, as well as the ones displayed by his actors, writers, producers, and crew.


Because, the emotions and actions presented in movies and television shows often draw on our human commonness, other artistic works can appeal to us and we can, at times, share similar interests. For this reason, this site is open to much more than the Whedon universe, it gives room to express the other obsessions one might have…...


If you're looking for a thoughtful review of your written or graphic work, do stop by and enjoy the respectful and nurturing environment provided as a background to display and encourage your efforts.


If you're looking for a fun place to talk about what you like in literature, movies, and television, look no further; the site can provide all of that.


If you love reading fan-fictions, and want to learn a bit more about writing or creating your own graphics, join the forum and start enjoying it.


All in all, be it for a minute, a day, or hours of enjoyment at a time, Whedonverse and Beyond is open to and for each one of you!


Plus - there's much more to come soon!




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